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Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating

Following government direction there has been a drive to encourage the adoption of high efficiency condensing boilers. This design of boilers can use up to 35% less gas so there are significant savings for both the environment and the nation's fuel bill if the utilities industries can support this move.

The UK's installers will have a vital role to play in making this objective a reality and in order to help them achieve this a new accreditation the "Certificate in Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating" has been developed.

This course was developed with the backing of the Energy Saving Trust, the Learning Skills Council, the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes, and the Institute for Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers, Gas Safe Register, the Skills for Business Network,C Skills, City & Guilds and the Heating and Hot Water Information Council.

The training is aimed at both experienced and new installers, and consists of a one day workshop covering a range of topics, including the new building regulations, climate change and high efficiency condensing boilers. This is followed by a simple 90-minute multiple-choice test, which if you pass, gives you the new certificate.