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Air Source Heat Pumps Installer Training & Assessment

Course Duration

4 days, 3 days training, 1 day assessment.

Course Location

Training and assessment is carried out at: NGEO Ltd 19 Mahoney Green, Rackheath, Norwich, NR13 6JY

Course Objective

The Air Source heat pump course is specifically aimed at existing fossil fuel plumbing and heating engineers and giving them the necessary training to upskill their existing skills to install air source heat pumps.
The objective of this course is for learners to demonstrate they know and understand the requirements for installing heat pump systems. This will include the different operational characteristics of Air Source heat pumps, their components, the principles of heat pump selection, system design, emitter selectin, hydraulics, the preparatory work required for heat pumps installations and the requirements to install, commission and hand over heat pump systems.

Course Content
Heat Pump Technology (Non refrigerant Circuits) Course
  • Know the requirements to size, select, install, commission and handover heat pump systems (non- refrigerant circuits)
  • Plan, prepare and Install heat pumps (Non-Refrigerant Circuits)
  • Commission and handover heat pumps (Non-Refrigerant Circuits)
  • Know the requirements to inspect, service and maintain heat pump systems (Non-Refrigerant Circuits)
Air Source Heat Pump Technology (Non-Refrigerant Circuit) Course
  • Know the requirements to size, select, install, commission and handover an air source heat pump system (non-refrigerant circuits)
  • Commission and handover air source heat pumps (Non-Refrigerant Circuits)
  • Inspect, service and maintain air source heat pumps (Non-Refrigerant Circuits)
Course Pre-Requisites
  • Water Regulations/Water Byelaws
  • Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating
  • Unvented G3 certification is an MCS requirement if MCS Registration is required.

If you require any of the above we regularly run these at our training centre to coincide with the Air source courses and can be arrange as a bundle.

Course Dates

Please contact us for dates: or call the office on 01603 952 426

Course Cost

£570.00 + VAT + Manual £62.50