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ACS Commercial Gas Safety

In order to undertake commercial gas work an engineer must first pass the appropriate assessments.  Below are listed the assessments available here at Norwich Gas Centre in addition to the COCN1 and CoDNC1.

In order to work on pipework and appliances an engineer must hold a core commercial certificate of competence.  This can be achieved either by taking the full core assessment or for those that hold core domestic gas safety by completing the changeover assessment from domestic to commercial

Here at Norwich Gas Centre we offer training and assessment.  Whilst training is not mandatory we do recommend it as the industry is a rapidly changing one and most candidates choose to attend our training courses prior to taking their assessments to ensure they have the most up to date information.

Our courses cover all the information you will need to enable you to work competently and pass the assessments.

An engineer must have undertaken or hold  ACS Core Commercial Gas Safety - COCN1 assessment or ACS - Changeover Domestic to Commercial - CoDNC1 before being able to undertake appliance or pipework assessments. A prerequisite to taking CoDNC1 is to hold the domestic gas ACS qualification CCN1.

Once an engineer holds COCN1 or CoDNC1 any of the following assessments offered here at Norwich Gas Centre can be taken

Elements Available
  • TPCP1A - Testing & Purging Pipework up to 6" (150mm)
  • TPCP1 - Testing & Purging Pipework over 6" (150mm)
  • ICPN1 - Installation of Pipework in excess of 35mm
  • CORT1 - Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters
  • CIGA1 - Indirect Fired Commercial Appliances